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Welcome to our website, We like to introduce ourselves as one of the premier scale producing companies since 1983, based at Coimbatore. We are specialists in manufacturing all types of mechanical weighing scales, digital electronic weighing scales, weigh bridges, electronic weighing machines, and spare parts. Our list of products manufactured include single beam counter scales, double beam counter scales, Semi self indicating scales, portable platform scales, heavy duty platform scales, Table top electronic scales, Electronic bench scales and Electronic platform scales.

Crown Scales offer a large quality of premium Mechanical and Electronic platform weighing scale with high standard. Select the products that best suit your business. Get a quote! Call @ 9360017296.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kitchen scales are compact weighing machines used in households. It helps you weigh your food and helps keep your meal portions in check. Kitchen scales are available under two categories in the market: Mechanical and Electronic. In today’s world, digital kitchen weighing scales are more useful as they provide more accurate measurements. The configurations, LCDs, operation, user-friendly modes make it best for kitchens! You can measure it under different conversions of measurements like cups, grams, milligrams, and other measuring units. As it affords accuracy in measurements, it enhances the taste of the food in your daily cooking.

It is made up of durable materials like PVC and stainless steel. They are heated, and corrosion-resistant. It also has a tare feature which saves your time by adding other ingredients in the same bowl of measurement. It also is easy to clean up and long-lasting in operation. Crown Scales offers a table-top, weightless kitchen weighing scale with movable support systems. It is easy to relocate anywhere you want. Crown Scales has a team of service and maintenance professionals with 24/7 availability to repair your kitchen weighing scales. Never buy a kitchen weighing scale without a warranty. Check for the proper working condition of every kitchen weighing scale.

As per research, it is proven that Digital weighing scales are more accurate than mechanical scales. Accuracy is mostly dependent on calibration. Most of the digital scales are proven they are 99.99% accurate. Among digital scales, it is shown that the analyzer scales are more accurate in terms it is used to weigh the body compositions. In industries, it is calibrated using various test methods. The process undergoes a repetitive placement and displacement of objects onto the scale. If it shows the same value, then the scale calibration is done. Every configuration like load cell, signal controller, microcontroller everything combined with perfection provides the accuracy of scales. Nowadays these scales have endless usage in all places.

At crown scales, We meticulously check each weighing machine for its accuracy. We ensure those digital scales are accurate with a calibration certificate. Whenever you buy a weighing scale, ask for a calibration certificate. Even though the weighing machines are factory checked for accuracy, they may differ their accuracy based on the environmental conditions, locations, etc. So to avoid inappropriate results, make sure you tare or calibrate your weighing machine at intervals. Crown scales offer various digital scales like a table-top, platform weighing scale, chicken weighing scale, etc.,

In general, baby weighing scales are used to weigh the newborn’s baby weight. Amidst this pandemic era, it is difficult to take a baby to hospitals for weight measurements. Thus, there are some simple solutions to estimate your baby’s weight at home. In case of not having a specially designed baby weighing scale at home, you can go for some other scales like kitchen scales and bathroom scales. Just see that other options have a large size weighing platform that can hold the baby completely. Almost all other scales also similarly provide an accurate weight of the baby. The best time to weigh your baby is in the morning before breakfast and after a diaper change.

Following are the steps on how to estimate the baby’s weight with weighing scales,

  • Place the weighing machine on a flat and undisturbed surface. See that it is not a sloppy surface. Safety is more important while weighing your baby’s weight.
  • Check if every screw is in a tight position.
  • Now turn it on and wait until it reaches 0.00 on the weighing scale.
  • Before placing the baby on the weighing platform, cover the scale with paper. Then tare the machine.
  • Now hold your baby upright to stand on the center of the scale, so that the weight is uniformly distributed and provides accurate results.
  • If your baby is moving, press the ‘ hold ‘ function button. This feature locks the baby’s weight. Finally, the accurate weight of the baby can be obtained from the scale.

A mechanical weighing scale is a device used to gauge the weight of objects based on the principles of mass, force exertion, tension, and resistance. It operates without any power source. It works based on the principle of the spring system. When the weight is loaded into the weighing platform, the spring will point at a particular position based on the force exerted on the load cell. The deflection over the graduation scale provides an accurate reading. They are user-friendly, even an uneducated man can operate them effortlessly. It provides quick reading results and they are low at market prices.

Some of the mechanical scales products by crown engineering works include salter scale, manual counter weighing scale, manual platform scales, etc. The traditional mechanical balance consists of a rigid beam that oscillates on a horizontal central knife edge as the fulcrum and has two end knife-edges parallel and equidistant from the center. It is a direct weighing method where the known weights placed on one side of the pan should balance the weight of the unknown material.

Weighing machines have multipurpose usage in the present time. The role of the weighing scale is significant in commercial and domestic purposes. The market provides two various types of weighing scales: mechanical/ analog or digital. There are a lot of pros and cons between mechanical and digital scales. There are several factors to be considered before deciding which scale is best in today’s world


In comparison, mechanical scales are reliable but the display units are difficult to read. Whereas, digital scales are more reliable with a design structure of 4 sensors.

Ease of use

Even though a layman can operate an analog scale, there are a lot of operations to be done on mechanical scales. But when you see a digital scale, you just simply put weight on the platform, and results are displayed on LCD.


When it comes to accuracy, digital scales are 99.99% accurate, and mechanical scales are less accurate.

Durability and portability

Mechanical scales are slightly heavy and produce a lot of errors because of the spring system. Digital scales are weightless and come with a one-year warranty.


A high-end weighing scale model in digital will be higher in cost than the mechanical scale. Based on the size and requirement, the price of the weighing scale may differ.

On a whole, by comparison with different aspects, digital weighing scale is best for usage in modern times.

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