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Digital Platform Weighing Scale

200 20 500*500
300 50 600*600

Platform Weighing Scale

Product Description

Our professional team designed the platform weighing scale to measure various object weights. Our weighing scale is famed for its reliability, strength, safety, and accuracy.

  • Fully MS heavy structure, with in house fabrication platform for extra strength
  • Bigger size platform with pole display and fabricated grill for convenient weighing
  • Stable weight reading for quick notification
  • Easy to use tare option makes it possible to get an accurate reading when extra container placed on the scale.


  • Suitable for industrial
  • Commercial
  • Market Yards
  • Warehouses
  • Logistics. etc.,

Features for Platforms Scales

  • Heavy structure by in-house fabrication
  • Advanced micro-controller based design
  • Easy to read six digit bright LED display
  • Very low power consumption
  • Battery level indication
  • High precision load cell
  • Digital calibration
  • Compact design with SS or MS platform
  • 8 hours battery back-up
  • Power saver mode
  • Over load indication


  • Wall mounting display
  • RED or GREEN display
  • Counting facility
  • RS232 Computer interface
  • Customised platform size

Technical Specifications

  • Operating voltage 190 -220 AC
  • Battery 6V – 4.5ah
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Operating temperature 20 – 50˚C
  • Operating humidity 95%RH max ( non-condensing)
  • Power consumption 10 watts (approx.)
  • Display 7 segment LED

Need to weigh larger goods in an accurate manner? The most customary industry-used scales are digital platform weighing scales. A versatile designed enormous leveled platform with an electronic display to find the accurate weight of objects placed on top of the weighing platform. Platform scales are used wherever the industry uses bulk capacity goods for a sturdy construction. Most manufacturing companies use electronic platform weighing scales to check out the weights of large sacks and other objects. Other than this, these scales have consistent usage by veterinarians, farmers, food processors and even in airports.

Building blocks of Digital Platform Weighing scale

Flat Platform

A sizeable platform with distinguished varieties in sizes, load capacities and designs used to transmit the weight of the loaded goods or objects to internal measuring devices fitted in the equipment

Load cell & Transducer

The transducers assist to sense the applied weight on the platform and deliver a proportional output in the digital display. A high-quality industry load cell provides a quite constant measurement for a particular load. For large digital platform weighing scales, four load cells are fixed at each corner of the platform for accurate measurements.

Signal Conditioner

Signal Conditioner amplifies and filters both input and output signals. The output signals are diminutive and measured in millivolts for digital display.


Microcontrollers are considered the brains of digital Platform weighing scales. The analog outputs of the signal conditioner are converted into digital signals for display. This microcontroller computes the signal, measures the weight and delivers it to a digital display.

Digital display

A liquid crystal display where the numbers indicate the reliable weight of the products is shown clearly. Change your measurement systems with differentiated units as per your requirements in the design and model of platform scales.

Considerations for Digital Platform Weighing Scale

Keep in mind the following points for selecting, implementing, improving and maintaining a platform weighing scale for a longer quality of life.


Always remember overloading a platform weighing scale generally reduces accuracy. Excess overloads may cause mechanical failure. Select an affordable scale with an estimated heavy load to be measured for your purpose. Crown scales cater to digital platforms weighing scales of capacities ranging from 200-300 kgs with overload indicators.


Precision is most important in any weighing scale. A perfect measurement value will reduce wastage in industrial operations and financial loss to the firm. Periodic calibration should be sustained for any digital weighing platform scales.


As the manufacturing company has frequent loading and unloading of materials and goods, the weighing scale should support the long-run process with its durable operation. It should withstand the wear and tear of the manufacturing usage.

Size of Platform

Choose a platform weighing scale of appropriate size which can withstand larger volumes which are helpful even after the extension of your manufacturing unit. It is more like a lifetime expenditure, so think precisely and buy it.


As most weighing scales are bought for industrial purposes, check for versatile measuring ability for different objects with distinguished units. It will be an added benefit for future purposes.


Linearity is a property of measuring the exact weights from zero to their extreme capacity. A quality check of linearity is performed in every digital platform scale the user procures. We at Crown scales experimentally inspect linearity with objects of known weight.


Even the smallest measurements should be readable without any errors. Significant figures of numbers with decimals prove the higher functionality of a digital platform weighing scale. Digital displays are far away from the platforms hence no obstacles in laying down your goods.

Usability and portability

The device is inbuilt with proper weight indicators for recording and computing complex weight measurements. The digital platform scales should be flexible in the movement for varied operating locations achieving efficiency.


Most industries can afford a digital platform weighing scale. Check for technological advancements in your weighing scales selections!

Weight drift

Drift is caused by environmental factors like temperature fluctuations, humidity changes, vibration, air currents, static discharges, input voltage changes, etc. These instabilities can cause inaccurate measurements.

Process of precision acquisition of platform weighing scales

  • Check for proper calibration of the equipment. See for zero error and if any reset your scale-free of errors to obtain a precise final result.
  • Install your platform scale in an appropriate place where there will be no external drifts by the environment. Avoid environmental drift as much as possible to obtain clear-cut readings.
  • Test the platform scales for any malfunction. Off balances provoke inconsistency in measurements.
  • Make sure you level the ground before placing the weighing machine. Always remember to clean the above or below spaces without debris and dust. These factors may effortlessly pave the way to the error readings.
  • Ensure to place your loads or goods at the center of the platform weighing scales. Observe and verify for corner load errors.

Benefits of Digital platform weighing scales in industries

Let’s explore the fringe benefits of platform scales usage in manufacturing units

Range of activities

Some industrial manufacturers inspect the weight of incoming raw materials and outgoing finished products. Need to check the exact quantity of goods for overseas transportations thus reducing shipping faults to an extent.

Improvement in productivity

The platform scales ensure better and efficient run production lines without any disturbances. The incoming, in-process and outgoing materials have constant verification with platform scales. Crown scales produce systematic platform scales to improve workplace productivity.

Comply with regulations

Platform scales should comply with current industrial regulations. Our digital platform weighing scales are stamped with ISO-certified symbols complying with legal requirements.

Simple to record data

A simple method to compare and contrast the multiple weights of industrial goods when the data are recorded in spreadsheets. It collects and accumulates data of incoming and outgoing logistics in a manufacturing unit.

Customization of digital platform weighing scales

  • For customization, platform size should be specified by customers as per their needs. Companies should be able to procure quality raw materials for the production of platform scales.
  • Buyers should mention the weighing capacity and resolution parameters of the platform weighing scale.
  • The figures of digital display and variance of measuring units should be determined at the earliest to the producer. The LED digital display screen should be made water-resistant.
  • Buyers should ask for calibration certificates before final billing.
  • Buyers can check whether the device is displayed for standard and metric readings. The display should be big and large, positioned at the centre of the device for convenient and suitable view and reading.
  • The device should be user-friendly with fundamental information that needs to be read and understood even by the layman.

Materials for construction of Digital Platform weighing scales

The platform scales are built with tough and rigid materials of stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum which can hold heavy loads and materials. The manufacturers should choose corrosion-resistant materials for better durability of platform scales. Rugged platforms are also preferable for preventing slipping of loads when positioned.

Buying considerations of digital platform weighing scales

    • Buy a weighing scale from a certified and well popular brand.
    • The equipment should have tare facilities.
    • The device should possess LED light with crystal clear visibility.
    • It should be equipped with protection facilities for overloading.
    • The equipment is furnished with battery backups and low battery indicators.
    • Manufacturers should maintain the quality of high-quality load cells.
    • You may buy a platform scale facilitated with piece counting facilities.
    • It should be environment friendly to bear all types of weather situations.
    • Check for repair and maintenance service facilities by manufacturers for future needs.
    • Have a look for precision maintenance in your platform weighing scales
    • Know your applications of platform weighing scale in the industry before deciding the size, design, style, and structure of your preferred scale.
    • Make sure it is affordable with your industry budgets.

Best platform scales in the market

Crown scales have been a trustworthy brand of weighing scales since 1983. We manufacture high-precision platform weighing scales with good quality at the lowest prices. Our product specializes in in-house fabrications, advanced microcontroller parts, low power consumption design, power saver mode, 8 hours power backup, digital indicators. We provide customization on displays and platform sizes based on the layout given by the buyers.

We are certified service providers for our range of products within the warranty period of the products. We own a team of well-integrated technocrats and intellectuals for providing repair, refabrication and maintenance services. Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

Crown scales, a gateway for platform weighing scales purchase!