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Cash Counter

Counting Speed1000 pcs/min
Bank Note Size110 x 50 – 190 x 90 mm
Counter Display4 digits
Batch Display3 digits
Hopper Capacity200 pcs
Stacker Capacity200 pcs
Power SupplyAC 220 V, 50 Hz
Power Consumption75 W
Dimension300 x 235 x 178 mm
Net Weight7 kgs


  • Used in banks
  • Financial institutions and in commercial requirements


  • Counterfeit detecting function (UV & M)
  • Auto & manual start counting mode
  • Addition function, Batch function
  • Chained note detection
  • Size detection
  • IR detection
  • Half – note detection
  • LED display
  • Customer display


  • Counting Speed 1000 pcs/min
  • Bank Note Size 110 x 50 – 190 x 90 mm
  • Counter Display 4 digits
  • Batch Display 3 digits
  • Hopper Capacity 200 pcs
  • Stacker Capacity 200 pcs
  • Power Supply AC 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Dimension 300 x 235 x 178 mm
  • Net Weight 7 kgs

Cash counters

Cash counters are devices primarily designed for appropriately counting the number of banknotes. Even with the increased usage of digital payments like credit and debit cards, most people prefer to use liquid cash for the purchase. For more productive and efficient business in retail, money counting machines are very much essential. The chief purpose of money counters is to count and sort large volumes of cash. Moreover, it reliably checks the banknotes for authenticity. After adopting money counters for your business, you can obviously see the difference in the increase in the Return on investment (ROI)

The main advantages of cash counters in business

Increase in productivity

The money counters banknotes at a faster rate when compared to humans, and it can handle a lot of cash at the same time. It is capable of finishing a bundle within seconds. Utilizing this machine ultimately helps you re-check the bundle of banknotes once or twice. It saves the employees time to a greater extent and increases their productivity. Even with few employees, you can run your business successfully with the support of money counting machines. Thus by reducing the labour and operational costs, you can gain profit for the company.

High-level of accuracy

Cash counters are referred to have 99.9% accuracy in counting. It has the highest level of accuracy with nil mistakes. Even when you place sticky notes inside the machine, it separates and provides you with the correct number of counts. These machines with the state of art technologies can drastically increase your shrink rates and enable easy cash handling processes in business with a high accuracy rate. Get efficient with the error-free counting process!

Detection of counterfeit notes

To make your business safeguard from fraudulent activities, the procurement of a cash counting machine is very beneficial. Cash counters mostly come out with a feature to detect counterfeit currencies. An in-built beep alert system will detect any fake, torn, or unusable notes. Counterfeiting has adverse effects on the economy and reputation of the business. This machine prevents huge losses in business with integrated technologies such as UV reflection, magnetic thread, infrared spectrum analysis, and metal alloy detection.

Easy to operate

The cash counters are simple in functionality and extremely easy to operate with automation. As soon as you place notes in the machine, it automatically starts to count, and it will stop once the count finishes. Nowadays, cash counting machines are designed with a user-friendly interface. With advancements in technology, it has changed its dimensions with touch keypads and a graphic LCD. Even a layperson can operate the machine effortlessly.


As most of those are designed with table-top designs, you can easily handle them and you can effortlessly relocate to other places without difficulty. Cash counters occupy small spaces in your table. Some money counting equipment is operated with batteries, to work effectively even in situations like power outages. As per the type of currency, the user can manage different modes for specific operations. It operates under various modes like batch mode, checks mode, stamp mode, free mode, and much more.

Artificial intelligence

Cash counters are not only elegant and stylish in appearance, but also intelligent in operation. It has agility in performance. It has self-examination access and intimates you whenever it is recognized with issues. The latest machines come with benefits to identify different denominations on mixed banknotes and produce particular counts under each denomination. It can even recognize upside-down notes and count them without any disturbances. It has reset options too.

Efficiency & Risk mitigation

Once you purchase a cash counting machine, it belongs to you for a lifetime. It is durable when the machine is maintained properly. It is tested for errors from the manufacturers, so you can get error-free machines for your purpose. In offices, the money counters can prevent thefts, and employees can understand that every penny is accounted for with legality. They are noise-free in operation and dust-repellent.

Pocket friendly

Cash counters are not so expensive. The price range varies depending on the size, functionality, technology, and features. Crown scales offer robust money counting machines and Digital platform weighing scale at affordable price ranges.

Applications of Money counting machine

Money counters utilization differs based on the target groups. The applications are as follows,


Banks have vital use of cash counting machines. In considerations with security features, cash counters for branch employees support to perform their respective processes for their customer support.

Small and medium enterprise

The broad spectrum usage in SMEs ranges from mini format testing machines to compact floor-mounted devices where cash in transit companies verify the notes for circulation.

Retail trade

Other than banks, even in retail shops, casinos you can see cash counting machines on desk counters. Some provide daily wages to employees, so they need money counter machines for their office. Even in shopping malls, markets these machines are highly utilized. Even some people buy it for their household purposes. During the operation of the supermarket, the use of cash counters can speed up the cashier operation and reduce the time for customers to wait for payment completion.

Working mechanism of rupee counting machine

The cash counter is engineered mainly using a cast-out rubber wheel and cash pair runner. The cash placed first enters the money twisting rubber ring, wherewith the twisting aprons in a linear speed arrives the cash-out rubber ring. The detection sensor counts and identifies forgeries then the notes are transmitted to the output shaft. Crown scales manufacturer of Mechanical weighing scale, always select high-quality internal parts material for wear and tear purpose. The parts are discussed below,

Receiving part

This part includes a receiving claw wheel, banknote holding plate, and banknote blocking the plate. The banknotes are neatly stacked, then received on impellers and claw wheels separate each banknote and fly the money without any interruptions. The flying mechanism of banknotes in machines is due to blade claws and speed.

Transmission part

The transmission belt and transmission wheel are driven by single or dual motor options. With a dual-motor drive, it is possible to preset the number function. It can be operated under both AC and DC motors. The total weight of the cash counters is ultimately reduced with DC switching motor supply.

Rack components

Relatively high precision of left and right panels is based on assembly accuracy. The internal stainless steel parts embedded in plastic bodies provide the smooth finish of money counting equipment.

Electronic circuit part

Similar to the Digital electronic weighing scale, it is made up of a single-chip microcomputer control system with more sensor components, drive light components, power supply board, etc. Through multiple interfaces, crown scales introduce purple light, magnetism, infrared penetration, and counting signals.

Consideration factors while buying money counters

Before making final decisions, consider the following points while purchasing money counting machine,

Volume and weight

Depending on the position you place your cash counters like small office locations, and you are in need to move frequently go for compact and small machines. If you place it at a stable position, then opt for heavy-weight cash counting equipment.

Hopper size and type

Based on the hopper size, the speed of the banknote counters is decided. If stacking is perfect and less is the pauses in loading then faster is the counting process. The hopper in the machine can be located at different places depending on the design of the machine.

Cost consideration

Cost is one such most important aspect to be taken into consideration, before the purchase of cash counting machines. The more expensive the model, the more features and functions it holds. Depending on your budget, you can choose cash counting machines from the pool of models and designs.

Maintenance of Rupee counters

To secure the long run of machines, the outer parts should be wiped off after every time usage. The insides of the machine should be cleaned at least once a week. The cash counters should be fully cleaned twice a week if high stacks are loaded frequently. A dirty machine may create batch back-ups, inaccurate totals, and bill rejections.

An inappropriate cleaning process may damage the machine, and it can cause danger. You can use canned air to blow the debris from the surface, and cleaning cards are employed to remove dirt, ink, residues from the feed hoppers, rollers, recognition lenses, and metal plates. As cleaning cards are moist, dry out the whole machine after cleaning. Avoid using the same cards for repetitive cleaning processes.

Specialties of Crown scales cash counters

As crown scales being the leading producer of Electronic weighing scale in Coimbatore has been engineered for excellence since 1983. Crown scales, A one-stop destination to buy all the weighing scales you want. The specifications of Crown scales money counting machines are exemplary in function.

  • It operates both under auto and manual counting mode
  • It can perform the batch function with chained note stacks
  • Size and perfect half-note detections
  • A larger LED display for clarity and easy reading
  • Chained and counterfeit note detection