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Digital Kitchen Scale Machine

Specification for Kitchen Scale

10 1 140

Digital Kitchen Scale Machine

Product Description

Digital Kitchen Scale machine are usually spotted in the homes of individuals who are cautious about consuming fewer carbs or are incredibly eager about baking and cooking. Have you ever tried to follow your Mother’s or your Neighbour’s recipe or followed a cooking show on TV or Youtube to the letter and still haven’t got the results that you were hoping to get and wondered why?

The answer lies in the measurement of the ingredients. Differences in volume estimates result from the grain of the ingredients and how firmly it is packed into the unit of volume measure. When dealing with ingredients that are chopped or diced, the distinctions can be considerably more prominent. Mostly, this is why you aren’t getting the same delightful taste while following the recipe or get a different flavour or consistency while making a health drink.

Estimating by weight instead of volume is progressively more accurate and accommodates consistency from batch to batch. In all actuality, once you get accustomed to utilizing the digital kitchen scale, you’ll see it simpler than estimating by volume.

Crown Scales has been in the digital scale industry for over a decade and understand your need to get the perfect measurement of ingredients to get the right taste. We manufacture Digital Kitchen Scale machines keeping your expectations in mind with the best quality raw materials to provide you with a high accuracy digital kitchen measuring machines.

Made out of heavy ABS fibre cabinet, the body of our digital kitchen scales are highly durable. The LCD display comes integrated with backlight for better viewing experience. Operated by two AA Batteries, the Digital Kitchen Scale has features such as Auto Zero, Auto Power Off on idle, and an Overload Indicator. It also has a battery status indicator that would intimate the user when it needs a change of battery.

We manufacture digital kitchen scale with high quality material and it’s durable for your daily use. We are reputed distributors throughout India, Sri Lanka, Africa, UAE, and Bangladesh.

  • Made with heavy ABS fibre cabinet
  • Better visible LCD display with back light
  • Two units selectable


  • Kitchen use
  • Domestic use


  • Simple weighing scale with single display
  • Battery operated only
  • Cannot be serviced or replaced
  • No guaranty is provided

Technical Specifications

  • LCD Display
  • Auto zero and auto power off
  • Mode function (g/oz)
  • Over load and battery indicator
  • Power 1.5v *2AA battery