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Electronic Baby Weighing Scale


Electronic Baby Weighing Scale

Electronic baby weighing scales are a crucial piece of equipment in any hospital’s toolkit. It goes without saying that a baby weighing scale is needed during this process to weigh the newborn to determine their birth weight. Consistent and accurate baby weight and growth measurements are essential components of monitoring a newborn’s safe continuous development. The infant is then regularly weighed and observed throughout its development to make sure that weight variations are normal. All of this is included in their unique child health record.

The electronic baby scale is a piece of equipment that is very user-friendly and can be used by anyone. And if you want to become a mother of a newborn, you might want to think about getting your infant an electronic baby weighing scale. It is your duty to maintain your child’s health and fitness. You can use these devices to track your baby’s weight, assisting you in fulfilling your primary responsibility. These baby weighing scales turn into your convenient instrument for regular monitoring and recording of your baby’s weight in the convenience of your own house. Additionally, these scales can also be used in hospitals, clinics, health centres etc. The quality of the scale is top-notch and cannot be compromised, hence there is no need to worry about the wear and tear of the machine.

The skid-proof scale may be easily moved around the house and is compact enough to store. Additionally, it enables several weigh-ins on the same day. The fact that it has all the necessary features and fancy provisions makes it the greatest digital baby scale. An infant must be well-cared for in order to live a healthy life. The most crucial thing for parents to do is to make sure their child develops within a healthy weight range. The simplest method to guarantee this is to keep track of weight increase and weigh your child at home using a baby scale.

Similarly, in the case of a baby being born prematurely, the mother can easily keep track of the development of the baby with the help of the scale. The gradual increase in the baby’s weight can be noted daily, and at the end of a week or two, the mother can go through the improvement made by her baby. The necessary remedies can also be taken if you do not see the desirable improvement shown by your baby.

You know, taking your kid to the doctor or paediatrician for a weight check is difficult and often tedious work. Having an electronic baby weighing scale at home is therefore recommended. It can assist you in monitoring and keeping tabs on your child’s health. These sophisticated electronic weighing scales include several sophisticated features that make them practical and simple to use at home.
For your infant, we at Crown Scales provide the best electronic baby weighing scales. Your infant can even be cuddled while being weighed thanks to the smooth surface and sizable platform. We provide you with a machine that is non-conductive, rust-proof, and made of an ABS fibre cabinet that makes it as light as air. You can quickly see your baby’s weight displayed!

We all routinely visit hospitals, shops, and train stations to check our body weight. Some people are taking it more seriously and routinely checking their weight on a daily basis because we are all becoming more health-conscious and checking our weight on a weekly or monthly basis. To maintain your health in this situation, a digital scale will turn into your best fitness friend ever.
With the new-born weighing equipment from Crown Scale, getting precise weight measurements of your child is considerably simpler. Because of its high-precision technology, the scale enables precise weighing for each measurement. The elegantly designed scale is simple to use, lightweight, thin and takes up little room.

Your infant receives additional support during weight measuring thanks to a detachable curved weighing tray. The tray is wide enough to allow a baby to lie down comfortably. Thanks to the advanced features, it is possible to weigh your baby properly even if they move around or fuss while being weighed. Your baby’s weight will be shown on the LED screen. The weight numbers of your baby are simpler to read from whatever angle you view the device from.

Product Description

We are engaged in manufacturing electronic baby weighing scale in Coimbatore, India, since 1983. We have a young and dynamic team of professionals who adapt stringent quality methods while manufacturing.

  • Fully ABS fibre cabinet, rust proof and non-conductive
  • Length tray with side support for convenient weighing of babies
  • Stable weight reading for quick notification
  • Easy to use tare option makes it possible to get an accurate reading when a blanket placed on the scale.


  • Made for Babies: Large, smooth surface with a curved platform to comfortably cradle your baby while it’s being weighed
  • Simple Use: Turn on the scale and gently place baby on the platform. Weight is displayed and will flash to confirm the measurement
  • Quick Readings: Gives a baby’s weight reading in a matter of seconds. Weight can be displayed in Kilograms (kg)


  • Used in Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Health centres. etc.,


  • Operating voltage 190 -220 AC
  • Battery 6V – 4.5ah
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Operating temperature 20 – 50˚C
  • Operating humidity 95%RH max ( non-condensing)
  • Power consumption 10 watts (approx.)
  • Display 7 segment LED