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Personal Scale

150 100.0 300*280


  • Instant Step-on Technology
  • Accurate Reading
  • Auto / Off
  • Dimension 30cm x 30cm x 2.5cm
  • Capacity 2kg-180kg
  • LCD Display with Light Blue Backlights
  • Safety and Comfort
  • Low Battery Indicator

A personal weighing scale is an essential component of every modern Indian home. Be it to measure oneself to get an idea of how much you weigh and how much you need to drop the excess weight. A person definitely has the need for a weighing scale at various points in his/her life. The personal weighing scale is integrated with Step ON technology, which automatically calibrates as soon as you step on it and provides exact readings. The all-black personal weighing scale has a sleek appearance to match your taste. You can use this weighing machine at home, the gym, or the clinic. Its high-precision sensors enable readings ranging from 2 kg to 180 kg with a 0.5 kg accuracy. The bright blue backlit LED display has clear and visible readings for a simple user interface. Low battery indications are included in the digital weighing scale for body weight to warn the user when the battery is low. The tough-bearing glass is nonslip. The cleaning process of this weighing scale is very easy.

A sizable portion of our population is overweight, if not obese, and is fighting to adopt a better lifestyle in order to lose weight and get fit. A digital weighing scale is an ideal way for them to track their progress in their effort to embrace this lifestyle. It is not only accurate but also precise, offering an actual number rather than a vague, rounded-off figure. When a person begins tracking their progress and sees the progressive change in front of their eyes in the form of figures, it functions as a motivator for the person to work more for weight reduction. However, a weighing scale is not just required in the home; digital weighing equipment is also required in stores. You may measure your bagged items and their volume with this counter combined with electric scales to obtain an estimate of their contents.

For accurate measurements, please maintain the weighing scale on a level surface and wait 5 seconds before placing your feet in the centre of the weighing scale. The scale is the ideal combination of quality, elegance, and precision. It assists with keeping an accurate record of body weight. It is totally composed of high-quality metal with accurate and excellent cutting, giving you the impression that you are utilising a high-quality product.

Furthermore, these digital weighing devices may be utilised both at home and in public places such as gyms and hospitals. People frequently do not have themselves measured since machines are only available in public places and they are unsure about their weight. They may now do it in the privacy of their own house.