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Things to Think About Before Purchasing Weighing Scales

Things to Think About Before Purchasing Weighing Scales


Choosing which weight scale to buy can be as tricky as choosing what dress to wear. And there are some things to think about and some criteria to look for so you can be sure you’re selecting the right product for your needs. In case your health or business relies on what the scale shows then efficiency is the key. You should not go for anything less.

In Crown Scales, we are experts in manufacturing Field Weighing Scales, Manual platforms weighing scales, Mechanical weighing scales, Digital tabletop weighing scales and electronic weighing scales. Our range of products still extends to receipt printing scales, Digital electronic weighing scales, Manual counter weighing scales, Cash Counting machines, Digital platforms weighing scales, Digital kitchen scale machines, Electronic baby weighing scales, Chicken weighing scales, and Digital crane weighing scales. Let’s get into the features and specifications that one must consider for choosing a weighing scale.

1.    Requirement

Why do you want a weighing scale? That is the first thing you have to consider while buying a weighing scale. The purpose and the application of the scale should be given the first thought. One must know for what they are buying the machine and where the machine goes, once they’ve bought it; in the kitchen, grocery store, hospital, school, gym, university, labs, manufacturing or shipping industry.

2.    Accuracy

Accuracy is the first and foremost key factor in determining the quality of a weight scale. The level of precision should be considered before we decide to spend on it.  Nowadays digital weighing scales are preferable as they’re more accurate than analog scales. Because if you select an analogue weighing scale, the responsiveness of the spring reduces over a period which makes the scale deviate from its accurate values. But analogue scales are still used in some places like construction and a few manufacturing industries where the deviation of weight value is accepted, but scales with high accuracy are a requirement in others.

3.    Location

The next thought should be where the scale goes. Outdoors or indoors? Home or hospital? And the setting of a place ultimately decides the style of your scale. Some scales go fine with glass walls and inside the doctor’s cabinet. The location has a major impact on the performance of the scale. In case you’re looking to purchase a laboratory or chemical industry, you’re going to need to find scales that have been tested and approved or made for your specific classification.

4.    Capacity

The capacity of the weight machine should be selected based on what you are going to measure. If you are a small-scale business owner selling homemade spices you’ll measure to a maximum weight of 10 kg, hence buying a scale with a capacity of 100kg is a waste of money. But if you’re making a purchase for industries and manufacturing sectors the scale you buy should have a capacity of a few hundred kilogram.

5.    Analog or Digital

The weighing scales are of two types; Analog and Digital. Nowadays everybody has moved from analog to digital for the sake of accurate measurement. Yet there are certain places where the analogue scale is still used. Based on your requirement, you can choose between an analogue or digital scale. Analog scales do not need any power/energy source to work. They are very useful when it’s used for short-term applications and do not require high accuracies like wholesale shops and second handed stores. And a digital scale on the other hand needs power to run. The measurements are accurate and last longer over the course of time.

6.    Special Modes and Software

Weighing scales are often manufactured for simply weighing stuff. So, if you are looking for something more you can go for installing software. Or a machine with special modes to carry out the functions like counting, check weighing, and dynamic weighing. You can also decide what the display hold according to why and where you need the scale. If you are going to use your scales for keeping counts and registers of the small particles you have to buy a weighing scale with both counting and data accumulation functions.

7.    Readability

The readability of a scale is always confused with accuracy. Generally, it is the decimal places it has to read and not how accurate the measurement is. Because readability actually has more to do with set-up, usage, and maintenance. The readability of a scale differs based on its capacity. For instance, large capacity scales, like a 1000 lb. capacity have a smaller readability than a 100 lb scale. They have the readability of 0.1 lbs. and 0.01 lbs. But in some industries and laboratories, the weighing needs require extremely high readability hence it has more decimals like 0.0001 lb. These scales are characterized by an electromagnetic force restoration model. And they are extremely expensive and usually too sensitive for industrial environments.

Why you should choose Crown Scales?

First and foremost, we like to introduce ourselves as one of the premier scale-producing companies in 1983, based in Coimbatore. You’ll be dealing directly with the manufacturer and won’t have to go through middlemen for help. In Crown Scales, we offer you the selection process and help you determine which scale will best meet your needs. It also means that we can provide custom solutions. We have a high-quality premium Mechanical and Electronic weighing scale in Coimbatore price.

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