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Mechanical Weighing Scale vs. Digital Weighing Scale

Mechanical Weighing Scale vs. Digital Weighing Scale


In this modern world, digital and mechanical weighing scales are widely used by the people. Every time a customer is buying weighing scales for commercial or households purposes. There are 2 types of weighing scales available in the market.

  • Mechanical Weighing Scale
  • Digital Electronic Weighing Scale

Mechanical – a traditional way of weight measurement, whereas digital weighing scale are modern and more accurate.

Mechanical weighing scale – use mechanical methods to gauge your weight and generally it can handle up to 120 kg of load. The functionality of weighing machines is always based on mechanical factor, but the accuracy might vary due to item variations.

Digital electronic weighing scale – these scales are more accurate when compared to other scales. Modern day weighing scales evolved with technology advancements. These scales will no longer serve the sole purpose of telling how much you weigh personally. Digital scales hold the capacity of weighing machines is usually 150 kg.

How Mechanical Scales Work?

The mechanical uses spring to measure weight. It measures weight with the help of stretch of spring.


The huge advantage is – there is no battery required to check your weight. Just go and stand on weighing scale – you will get to know your weight.

Reading will be quite easy to measure. One needs not to modify any settings or need not to switch on the machine before checking the weight. It is also easy to calibrate.

The display is quite simple, even end user will weigh the things and measure with ease. You can see the pointer in the scale while measuring the weight. It makes easy to check the reading.

How Digital Weighing Scale Work?

This scale works with the use of strain gauge load cell. It measures the weight with the help of a pen cap as 0.98 grams.


It is highly reliable, and it will not give inaccurate reading. It is automatically calibrated every time when you turn on.

Easy to use with automatic turn on option, and it will turn off automatically after the use.

Major advantage is that it provides high accuracy and has a good durability. Failure is not a common one and often accompanied by a warranty from the company.

Some scales will give you a body composition analysis along with BMR, % of Fat, and other reading. It automatically syncs the data with your mobile phone.

It is easy to carry as they look small and light weight. One can easily store at home and these scales will come up with an attractive design.


Both mechanical and digital weighing scales are extremely significant in manufacturing industries, and commercial stores. Even one can buy the weighing scale for domestic needs. The weighing scales apt for weighing your body on a daily basis in your home.

The ease of access of these scales along with reasonable rates and quality made the accessibility of these devices easier than before.