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7 Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Cash Counting Machine

7 Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Cash Counting Machine


If you are owning a business or organization or institution, then cash counting machines are more essential. Everyday business encounters a lot of challenges but still has to stay on the leading edge and there come to the essentials of the right cash management technology. Cash counting machines are a useful tool that can exponentially reduce counting errors and fraudulence. Look for the latest money counting machines on the market with counterfeit detection technology and fast processing speeds. When purchasing a cash counter, there are seven factors to consider before making a purchase.


Specific features and designs will give more idea about what you should expect from the functionality of the counting machine. This helps you to choose the most relevant machines for your individual needs. The main features you should look into are as follows,

Recognition efficiency

Due to the higher usability of banknotes, it seems to be old, slightly worn, folded, and stained. Practically, banknote counters should be able to recognize the most used notes and as well be able to identify the low images in banknotes. This may ultimately reduce the circulation of fake notes in the public. Nowadays, money counters come with CIS technology which recognizes banknotes images with an image sensor.

Counterfeit detection technology

This feature should be given high priority when you need to choose a cash counter. Purchasing a machine with advanced technology will reduce unnecessary losses for your business. The parameters of counterfeit technology include UV (Ultraviolet), IR (Infrared), and magnetic (MG) rays techniques. It should be built-in with error detection technology that lowers the chance of miscounts due to folded or torn currency, multiple notes feeding at the same time, or bills of the wrong size. Businesses that experience higher level bill frauds, should consider opting for a cash counting machine for the more reliable and smooth running of the business.

Inventory of mixed denominations

It is an important function and is considered as the most essential factor to be noted while purchasing money counters. Nothing matters, whatever the industry it be, you receive banknotes of different denominations. Today, cash counter models are usually high-tech, featuring colour image sensors and advanced imaging software that determines the denomination of each note. These counters can accurately count the currencies of other countries too. Multi-currency counters are best suited for international businesses, banks, and investment firms. For high-volume cash handling firms, these machines help to organize the bills in various denominations and it obviously allows them to detect malicious parties or entities.

Cash counting speed

Most people haven’t noticed that all money counting machines don’t count money at the same speed. If your firm is dealing with larger volumes of cash, then go for counters with higher speeds. This allows the organization to save as much time as possible and work more deployed on customer-focused activities.


As of now, cash counting machines are said to have 99.9% accuracy. Most machines come with electric or battery-operated mechanisms. It is so portable and lightweight. If the loading hopper is too small, but you stack more bills, accuracy may get affected. Higher counting speeds should match with high accuracy. Similar to the accuracy of Digital platforms weighing scale, Crown scales manufacturers Cash counting machines with high accuracy and durability.

Batching feature

Some money counters have this batching feature where you can manually strap the cash for a deposit. This feature is designed in such a way that it can count up to a set number and pause so that you can remove the batch before continuing further counting process. In some other models, there may be an option to even add together multiple batches of bills that run continuously and provide a total at the end.


Capacity of a cash counter ultimately depends on the size of the machine. The volume, weight and feeding hopper size are the main components that determine the capacity of a machine.


The most simple thing you consider when buying a cash counting machine is its capacity. The weight of the machine should be compact and it should not be heavy so that you can replace it wherever you need it.

Hopper size

Hopper size affects the speed with banknote counters. Adequate hopper size will make the device more efficient. The less time to pause to load more bills, the faster is the counting machine. Hoppers located at different places may affect the size of the machine. Some hoppers shall handle bills that are not neatly stacked so that you can minimize the time for straightening the stacks of banknotes.


A basic featured cash counting machine is more affordable for a business. Buying a cash counting machine is like a lifetime investment. Once it is bought, then it can be used for several decades until maintained properly. But have a clear idea of your purpose of what features and functionalities you need in a cash counting machine. The thing to remember is that you get the best value for what you are investing. Make sure that the feature set and functions correlate with the associated price tags. Like the Electronic weighing scale in Coimbatore price around 250- 1000 rupees, the average price range of cash counters are from 3500 rupees to 50,000 rupees respectively.

Return policy for cash counting machine when purchased online

  • The images represent the actual product and may slightly differ from the picture.
  • 10-day replacement guarantee if received the damaged machine in courier or manufacturing trouble ( If you have received a defective product or it is not as described in the picture, you can get a replacement within 15 days of delivery with no extra charge)
  • The warranty of the product is limited to the manufacturing defects alone.

Errors in counting machines may occur and you may need services once a year. You may reduce the service charges in your firm if proper cleaning and maintenance are carried out.

Standard and certifications

You may think certifications for a counting machine may not be such an important aspect. Despite that, the certifications provide authenticity and validation. A calibration certificate ensures relevancy and makes sure the product is more trustable. On the other hand, if you purchase counting machines from a licensed store, you can buy without confusion that it is always a quality product.

Authorities check a few machines for accuracy and other functionalities from the dealers and provide a license for them. Only dealers providing legit and functional cash counters can get licenses from the certification boards. Check for the details like calibration date, time, calibration results, serial number, authorities signatures, company name, and model number. Go for a buy from the licensed Mechanical weighing scale vendor, Crown scales in Coimbatore.

Integration and connectivity

For larger businesses, removing multiple levels of data processing is essential for quickly accessing real-time information that helps to make faster business decisions. Thus, before buying a money counter, know whether the machine has a rapid method for preparing and transferring count data with other traceability parameters like cashier id and denominations information. Look whether the machine will securely transfer data within the organization’s systems.


Always choose a device that is capable of adapting to the possible changes in the operating procedures and processes in the future. Make your investments that will have solid future benefits. Every business doesn’t hold the same level of operation, so money counters must be configured in such a way that the company should not have any additional investments in the future on cash machines. It should have an easy update with the latest technology and should easily align with the new business process. A quick activation machine is needed for efficient operation.

Wrapping up with the conclusive point, the above seven main factors seem to be the major notable points to be kept in mind whenever and wherever you buy the cash counters. To raise your business to the next level and for an efficient run of the organization, get your own money counting machine from the Crown scales, one such trusted dealer of Electronic weighing scale in Coimbatore.